Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness is proud to be a partner provider at The Postpartum Wellness Center - Boulder

What is the Postpartum Wellness Center?

The PWCB is a group of mental health therapists and  complimentary wellness providers who provide a collaborative model of care by offering evidence-based and holistic treatment options to their clients.  Each of the PWCB clinicians are trained to assess, support, and treat a myriad of reproductive and family mental and physical health issues.

What services are provided at the Postpartum Wellness Center?

The PWCB provides support in reproductive mental and physical health to patients through psychotherapy, physical therapy, reproductive psychiatry, lactation support, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, infant/child sleep consulting, and naturopathic medicine. While Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADS) are a big part of what is supported and treated, the PWCB is focused on promoting the mental and physical health of all women, men, children, and families through reproduction and the transition to parenthood and beyond.

Want more information?

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