Compassionately and empathetically treat patients and their pain; cultivating a trusting environment that allows for healing through treatment and education.


Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness offers completely individualized treatment for all patients. We fully believe that every injury and pain is unique and deserves to be approached with that in mind. Each treatment session lasts up to an hour long and is completely one-on-one. We do not utilize any aids, and your time will not be interrupted by other patients being seen simultaneously.

Treatment at Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness is a team effort: the patient, the referring doctor (if there is one), any personal trainers or exercise instructors that the patient sees and the physical therapist. Full communication with all involved parties is a priority for full recovery.  

In order to recover from injury and pain, we believe that you need hands-on, manual treatment as well as a tailored exercise program and we promise to provide you with both. 

"The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it." 

- Hippocrates