Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness works on an out-of-network basis with all insurance companies. Coverage depends on each individual's insurance plan.

I understand that insurance coverage is confusing and complicated. In order to lessen the burden and confusion, I will do the heavy lifting by calling your insurance company and getting the information needed for you. Once I have the coverage details I will contact you to discuss payment. If you have out-of-network coverage then I will do all the billing and follow-up for you. Payment depends on your deductible status. I will give you a full explanation of benefits and what you will end up paying for treatment. If you have coverage and your deductible is met, you could end up paying as little as $35/session.

Why out of network?

Quality of care and connecting with my patients to really understand their pain are the most important aspects of treatment at Verity. Being out-of-network with insurance companies allows me to provide the highest standard of care. I have the flexibility to extend the length of the sessions and the freedom to provide one-on-one treatment every time. At Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness, treatment sessions range from 45 to 75 minutes and each session is spent entirely with me, the licensed physical therapist. Longer treatment sessions will decrease healing time and allow for more education and understanding of what is happening in your body. This improves the overall impact of each treatment session and will ultimately decrease the amount of money you spend to get to full recovery.