“Carolyn Yates, DPT, has been my physical therapist for over two years. Carolyn has helped me recover from two major surgeries: first, a torn rotator cuff and second, a total knee replacement. She worked with me prior to each surgery providing me with an individualized treatment plan so that I was as prepared as possible for surgery.

After surgeries, Carolyn was there every step of the way, encouraging me, managing and coordinating my progress with my surgeons, supporting me on difficult days and adjusting my treatment plan to meet my specific needs reflecting my progress.

Carolyn is an excellent clinician, knowledgeable and able to explain concepts in a way I could understand. She taught me the proper way to do therapeutic exercises. Her therapeutic massage techniques are excellent.

She is extremely professional, always upbeat, supportive, flexible in setting appointments, and prompt.”


“I worked with Carolyn in recovering from a leg injury sustained while running and her expertise got me back to marathon training before I knew it.  Working with Verity PT was very easy and I was able to schedule appointments that fit well with my busy schedule. As an athlete I found Verity PT invaluable in making sure that I returned to 100% performance after my injury and Carolyn’s professionalism and skill made PT with her a pleasure.”


“Carolyn came highly recommended to me from a personal trainer at my gym that knew I had suffered from an ACL injury and never fully recovered post-surgery. I was impressed with Carolyn's professionalism and organization.  She immediately gave me several exercises to work on and I found her login system extremely helpful. Carolyn truly cares her patients have the knowledge and tools to continue rehabilitation in between sessions. She is always available and approachable.  I was so pleased with Carolyn's work I continued sessions for other issues. Without hesitation I would recommend Carolyn as she is not only an extremely knowledgeable and talented PT, but someone that really cares her patients are comfortable and making progress.”   


"I saw Carolyn because I had a debilitating pain in my lower back, to the point where I wasn't able to walk for more than a few seconds and with a severe limp - it turned out to be a herniated disc. I reached out to Carolyn and she responded immediately, I had an appointment scheduled for the next day. Carolyn was incredibly flexible and had an available time slot in the morning before work; it was a holiday week and I was the only one in the office, so I wasn't able to take time off from work, her flexibility made all the difference in the world.

For treatment, I can't thank Carolyn enough! Aside from her vast knowledge, she has an encouraging and warm bedside manner. Being a fellow runner, she was very relatable and understanding of where I was (being sidelined) and what I had coming up (a major race) and what would be realistic to strive for and expect. We worked together, and I was back and walking within the week, and fully back to running within six weeks. Carolyn was accessible the whole time, giving her professional advice along with personal goal advice, and tailoring my recovery regiment each step as I made progresses no matter how small the improvements were.”


“I worked with Carolyn after my second ACL surgery. I was nervous about doing PT again because my first experience was subpar and was part of the reason why I tore it for a second time. But working with Carolyn was amazing! She helped me get my strength back and I was able to get back to playing soccer fairly quickly. She had a flexible schedule which made it easy for me to work with her while I was starting a new job. She even met with me a few times at a soccer pitch to do some drills with me. I’ve now been back at it for over a year now and my knee feels solid. I’m very happy I chose to work with her!”


Carolyn is terrific.  I have worked with her for both acute and chronic pain.  The acute condition was diagnosed as a stress fracture of the left foot.  The pain was so intense, I could barely walk to the corner with a cane. Additionally, I developed pain in my right ankle because of how my body weight shifted while walking. Carolyn used a variety of modalities to lessen the pain and build strength.  Each week, we made steady progress, until I was back in perfect health. Carolyn’s gift is a blend of deep knowledge, a healing touch, and an ebullient spirit. She is a pleasure to work with and great at what she does. 

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